An Intrinsic Love For Art


We consider ourselves the luckiest couple in the world. We are semi seniors but very young at heart and enjoy life to the fullest…never taking a day for granted.

We met; fell in love, moved to an island, bought a house near a beach, took our wedding vows on this beach and find most of our materials for our art on that very same beach.

Alanda and Larry


Light House

One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

Most of us have looked up to the sky and instantly have identified shapes floating by that resemble airplanes, animals, flowers or people. We see shapes in pebbles, sea glass and shells. Along with seaweed, beach grasses, driftwood and other natural materials, we came up with the idea of creating our business “Island Pebble & Sea Glass Art”.

We have many common interests…motorcycles, camping, cooking, gardening, home renovations and landscaping. With our business adventure, we share our creativity for each “one of a kind” art piece that brings us so much joy.

All materials have been discovered while we stroll along our island beaches and shores and are handmade by yours truly.