Sea Glass Art PEI

We use only the most intriguing sea glass and pebbles, handpicked from the beaches of Prince Edward Island to create our elegant handcrafted art pieces.

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Uplifting Designs

Inspired by the lush Atlantic ocean, we create art in which every piece is unique and tells a story.

We hope to capture the beauty of our island with inspiring calligraphy, natural materials and handmade frames.

The Perfect Gift

We are always creating new products for our store or to be delivered to your location.

Buy the perfect gift for a loved one or enjoy a piece of our island in your home!

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Buy Local

All of our products are made on PEI with care.

It’s important to buy local to keep our community strong and to reduce our carbon footprint. The closer the products are that you buy, the less pollution and resources are used.

Every dollar you spend creates double the income for the economy and creates local employment.


Our Home

Inspiring Landscapes and rich culture

PEI is known for its red sand beaches, abundant farmland and beautiful lighthouses. Our acclaimed artisans are recognized around the world as some of the most talented and travelers come from all over to visit and enjoy the culture.



About us

An Intrinsic Love For Art

We consider ourselves the luckiest couple in the world. We are semi seniors but very young at heart and enjoy life to the fullest…never taking a day for granted.

We met; fell in love, moved to an island, bought a house near a beach, took our wedding vows on this beach and find most of our materials for our art on that very same beach.

Alanda and Larry


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419 Smallman Rd. O’Leary, Prince Edward Island




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